Discover Your Brilliance With World Renowned International Speaker AMANDEEP THIND

We all have dreams. Deep inside our hearts we want to believe that we are gifted enough to change the world, to make a difference in someone’s life. We wish that our life were better than they are, that it had more meaning to it. We all have been there, feeling stuck, frustrated, questioning if this all is really worth it ? Some of us disappointed have given up, falling into repetitive patterns just waiting for a miracle to happen.

Discover Your Brilliance is a 4 hours workshop about discovering the unlimited power that lies within each of us. Everyone is destined for their own unique form of Brilliance and it is only by taking back control of our own lives, that we can we truly begin to open up to the limitless abundance that is waiting for us. This 5 hour workshop will take you on a journey to uncover a new way of thinking. It will give you the tools and techniques that will allow you to easily discover your brilliance and succeed in every area of your life.


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